Arrangements for "26er" crank organs

Here are my arrangements for Alderman 26-note-scale crank organs ("26er"). If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the following arrangements, punched on paper rolls, please send an e-mail

E-mail to - for wishes, questions, remarks, ...

The following links point to the arrangements further down on this page. For all arrangements with black notes, you can listen to a part of the arrangement in MP3 format. Simply click on the notes for downloading the arrangement. Each download is between 125kB...500kB per clip = 30sec...8min download time, depending on your internet connection. I did the recording in my workshop in the basement - so please kindly disregard the not-top-of-the-line (somteimes very bad) sound quality!).

For legal or other reasons, I cannot offer this possibility of downloading for arrangements with blue notes. If you would like to listen to an MP3 of one of these songs, please send me e-mail at

For arrangements without notes I have not yet created an MP3 file.


Ain't She Sweet
Milton Ager
Length: 3:15 min
7 voices
You Made Me Love You
James Monaco
Length: 3:10 min
6 voices
Sweet and Low Down
George Gershwin
Length: 1:00
5 voices
The Jazz Master
Billy Mayerl
Length: 3:00 min
5 voices

Classical Music

Pomp and Circumstance
Edward Elgar
   (plays complete arrangement - 1MB to download)
   MP3 has problems - sorry!
Length: 2:05
6 voices
Plink Plank Plunk
Leroy Anderson
Length: 2:27
7 voices


Colonel Bogey ("River Kwai March")
Kenneth Alford
Arrangement for piano and crank organ
(not really to be taken serious! - includes fan's outcries - about 1.5 MB)
Length: 2:55
6 voices
Der g'schupfte Ferdl
G. Bronner
Length: 3:20
6 voices


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