10th International Waldkirch Organ Festival 2011

After six years, I played again at the Waldkirch Festival with my Jäger&Brommer 26-note organ—old and new arrangements of my own. This time, I had with me a few arrangements for violin and crank organ—my daughter Katrin played the violin part in the streets and at Jäger&Brommer's "orgel hock" (organ sit-in?).

We had two great days in Waldkirch, meeting old and new friends from all over the world—America, Germany, England, the Netherlands and more. They played, bought some of my rolls and gave me many new ideas for pieces to arrange! Here are a few photos from these two days ...

Setup ...

Did we talk more, or play more?

Playing with Katrin

Carl and Kathy Cavitt are visiting ...

Rolls for all!

She wanted—like many—something special: Boogie on the Drehorgel!

On the way to J&B, a young man crossed the street and asked whether he could play—of course! It was his bachelor's evening, and we sang "Ach Egon Egon" across the street for his friends!

At the "Orgel-Hock" at Jäger&Brommer Katrin and I played once more ...

(Hr. Jäger is setting up the microphone for Katrin)

The hit at Waldkirch: The "organilleros and chinchineros" from Chile—barrel organ and dancing with drums makes you dizzy even when you only watch them!

(Mr. Brommer und Mr. Jäger are on the next picture on the right)

Here is a link to more photos (of the "Badische Zeitung", the regional newspaper): 10. Internationales Orgelfest Waldkirch (Fotogalerie veröffentlicht am 29. Mai 2011 auf badische-zeitung.de )

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